Full Moon Eclipse in Leo

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo


I don’t think it’s a mistake that a group of lions is called a pride. Leo’s are know for many things and pride is certainly one of them. When we ask what does a full moon eclipse in Leo mean for us we are asking what final lessons must we irrevocably release when considering our pride?

Pride is a gorgeous word. If you google it, the first thing you’ll see is a gay flag. Pride can represent confidence, self assurance against all odds, and a strong tool against shame and stigma. In ancient Norwegian it means to adorn or to grace and in Old Norse it means gallant or brave.  Pride can be both a sense of personal accomplishment and a sense of belonging.

Pride can also be dangerous. White supremacist patriarchy goes by the name proud boy. State and ethnic pride can be a nationalist genocidal extermination. Pride can be the lack of accountability of the unexamined life.

Pride that is contingent on the exclusion, subjugation or domination of others is bullshit. Pride that is founded on notions of purity, invulnerability, and shame is also bullshit.
AND we are not immune to it.

We cannot change things we refuse to see and sometimes we don’t see things until we are given little choice. So in many ways this proud Leo moon is working its magic and husking this superfluous pride to put us in touch with a confidence that is rooted in generosity, vulnerability, and the encouragement of others.


False pride has a way of making us cling to shaky ground. Sometimes we harbor harmful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors because it’s “the way we were raised”, “where I come from”, or “I’m just being realistic”. Sometimes it’s so imbedded in our culture that only deeply othered or marginalized people experience the harm.

This eclipse there is a huge opportunity for emotional breakthroughs if we step off that shaky ground, breathe through the discomfort of being unsure, stay vulnerable, and slow any impulsive feelings all the way down. Transformative events often have us constantly scanning for clarity, or at least a way out, but the only way to get the lesson of this eclipse and hasten change is to be still, reflect, and release.

This is not a good time to make big decisions, to start fights, or have an affair. This also isn’t a time to think, plan, manifest, or fight your way out. Passions are running high, and so are illusions, so please be patient with yourself and hear what these mirages are trying to say, stay rooted in ritual, let the meaning come through.


This eclipse offers an opportunity to connect with the source of our creative vision, the birthplace of Ws, and the bubbling well of willpower. This great potential requires great faith.

Where will we place our faith?

Will we choose the place it in fantasy?
Imagining a better world is vital in a time where resources seem scarce, time is swallowed by money, and suffering is so visible. Where is fantasy an vital part of our imagination that breaks binaries, colonial concepts, and colorist orthodox? When is fantasy an illusion, a dissociation, a way of pretending that we deserve or earned our privileges?

Will we choose to put our faith in our power?
Power comes from learning how to best serve those whose trust you’ve earned. Power comes from mercy, grace, impeccable judgement and humility. Power is service. Power is not control. Service is as essential to power as joy is to resilience, we’re going to need both. So how do we find joy in service? Where has the pursuit of power robbed you of the joy of service?


Will we choose to put our faith in our practice?
Anything we do routinely can be a practice. Literally anything. When we put faith in a practice it sometimes is called ritual. The only thing that separates a regular practice from a ritual is intention. The important part of a ritual is that it has meaning to you. What intentions are you setting? Who or what do they serve? How are you making meaning? What does your practice create? What needs to change?

Where is our faith most expansive? Where does our faith reach towards freedom? Towards accuracy?

Where is our faith wise?


There is great potential but with that comes great uncertainty which can produce great anxiety. Try your best to stay calm, avoid reacting, and remember that doing otherwise can create even more chaos and uncertainty. This is a clearing, I repeat, this. Is. a. Clearing. stay loose, stay hydrated, move your body the ways you like, and release release release.


As with any change, something needs to give way, be sloughed off, and make room for something else to emerge and it’s about as fun as it sounds. I know it’s hard. It’s so damn tough. It can feel insurmountable. But let me tell you, there are some massive transits delivering key information on how to use this exhausting but lasting lunar energy later on. And while you absolutely have a choice in whether or not to use this eclipse for your own growth, you can’t escape yourself. Feel through the feelings, think through the thoughts and hold in your heart the tremendous potential of the way we exercise power, pride, and creativity and how can directly transform our experience of harmony, grace, and peace; how practicing mercy and compassion can restore and right-size our natural power and expand our creativity and abundance. We are not a product of our circumstances. We can dream. We can change. We change. Have faith.


Release. Release. Release.



Remember who the fuck you are.

Neptune was discovered, not through its observations through a telescope, but through its disruptions in other heavenly bodies. Calculations were made around the gravitational pull of the planet far before its actual visual confirmation which was a very haphazard find from a general scan of the sky. In many ways, Neptune functions similarly in astrology. Neptune can force us to go inward, fogging up the material world, and leaving us with our own speculations and projections. Neptune shows where the cracks in our egos are. It can make us behave in ways that are unfamiliar to us, not because it is outside of our character, but rather it illuminates the difference between how we see ourselves and who we really are.


The full moon at the beginning of the month is conjunct Neptune which can show us where we need to let go of logic and follow intuition or where our hopes and fears are replacing reality. This starts a cycle of receiving information, processing it both internally and externally, and then letting it integrate. Some of the things we find can be disturbing and with a conjunction with mercury and venus happening, anxiety can freeze the whole process. Lucky for us it is forming a square with Mars in Sagittarius which means there is no room for cowardice. The opening question the cosmos has for you in March is “How will I remain fiercely open to new ways of thinking and new ways of seeing myself?”


Integration of ego and reality is never easy but it is important to always be reaching towards the truth. It requires radical self love and self forgiveness This also means cultivating the spiritual strength to perform powerful rituals of love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Accept mortality, accept sexuality, accept the fact that there is no time to waste on this Earth for narrow self-interest, indulgence, or depreciation. Death and sexuality provide context for our behavior in life. When we lose sight of it we feel the pressure of purpose in our life but forget where it’s coming from. We carry this anxiety of needing something to carry us through the days and try to find it through lovers, drugs, and fake spiritual pursuits. This is another shadow side of Neptune.  


Jupiter is in positive conversation with the new moon in Virgo, helping assuage the worry and self absorption of fear, allowing us renew our dedication to the work of self worth. Ritual is routine, routine is ritual.


Finally, one last bone shaker of a moon asking us, pleading with us, maybe even forcing us to TRUST ourselves. Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd and stands in defiant opposition of the full moon in Libra. You will receive no perfumed love note, no secret admiring letter from your instincts, not even a passive aggressive roommate note. In this night, mercury confuses, confounds, and contradicts, an already indecisive Libra moon. This hot prod of miscommunication, shitty interactions, and projection after transmutating projection requires creative new rituals around self purification. You may feel the need to lock yourself in your home and self medicate until the month passes but this can be a little dangerous when the message of self worth is so clear. The only way is through. Courage, lunar babes. Worry comes and goes. Rejection happens. Dysfunctional patterns can be corrected and toxic modeled behavior can be relearned. Saturn is making an exact conjunction with Mars telling me that conscious transmutation of our anger and fear can bring incredible clarity of purpose and the drive to get us through.


We need emotional resourcefulness. What will help you feel more faith in life? In yourself? What do you have to be grateful for? I’m not talking about what is redeemable. Jupiter in retrograde is unironically asking us to move forward — to think beyond the times we live in. What of our enemy knows the truth? What about this truth can we trust? Think about this privately and independently. There is tremendous evidence that the world is dysfunctional toxic oppressive mess. We need to lay a firm grip on our drive and purpose. This starts with ritual, love, and conscious expression.

New Moon In Sagittarius

Planning for Change

Some folks will tell you that the New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be about new ideas, philosophies, and grand schemes. They’ll say take time to recenter optimism in your vision quests. to imbue your future plans with hope. I don’t know about all that but I do know that when something is as close to Saturn as this New Moon is, nothing is ever as simple or as easy as it seems. I think this moon is asking us to do something really weird right now but maybe you’re in a place where it makes perfect sense.

Have you ever been in an argument or a fight with someone you love and deep into the thick of it, you paused, and started laughing at the absurdity of it all? or maybe you’re the type to have a moment of perspective, and soften against the harsh edges conflict. Or maybe you get a chance to return to your body during a break and your whole position changes. Often in these moments of pause or relief we find better strategies for working out conflicts. Sometimes we choose to go with those options and sometimes we double up on our doubts and push through.

I think this moon is like those moments. Our adrenaline drops, we catch our breath, and we see the world differently. We may have entered the arena really knowing what we were fighting for and how we were going to win but sometimes you don’t know what to expect until it actually happens.

It’s hard to describe this alchemical moment of being fiercely engaged – whether it be working yourself to a point of constant sickness, being wildly in denial about a relationship gone bad, or resisting someone else’s demands on your future  – and having to dramatically shift perspective. This is a good thing. In this “eye of the storm” we are offered the option of personal responsibility. We own ourselves and many of us are fortunate to also own our body, our life, our present and future. Taking responsibility for ourselves is taking ownership, claiming our time, our heart, our head.

The New Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury (who is still retrograde) are all gathered together in this dark winter night. Saturn has a very special way of laying just the right amount of pressure for you to build up the strength necessary for what is in store for you next. We either rise to the occasion or get crushed. Venus, on the other side of the New Moon, is social, interpersonal vibrations, and that special thing we call chemistry that brings us together and inspires loyalty for one another. This is why I brought up the fight scene earlier. Now, I don’t know if you are brawlin, bawlin, or just avoiding people altogether right now but I’ll tell you what, you are still in relationship with yourself and those voices in your head are not going to stop arguing by themselves.

Mercury is retrograde, which means hella shit, but right now it’s about not only getting your story straight – but knowing that stories are flexible. For example, you all know someone that, believed their ex was the love supreme but after the break up they retroactively went back and told a completely different story. What if I told you both those narratives they told were true? To realize the difference between then and now isn’t exactly rewriting history, right? It’s experiencing the outcome of change, and change changes you. This is highlighted by Uranus in Aries forming a silky aspect to all those planets I just mentioned and introducing disruption, unforeseen consequences, and ultimately… change.

So you may be asking, OK Diego, so what can I do if I need to get my story straight but everything changes all the time? What is this story anyway? Your story is your life and how you tell it. Our personal narratives are guided by our feelings, choices and circumstances. We cannot change the past and we cannot always change our circumstances so in efforts to claim our narrative we can and center the questions of what we think is a worthy purpose and how can we realize it moving forward. For some folks it’s getting food on the table and recovering from a recent trauma. For others, dreams of the destruction of the carceral system. For many it’s both.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been finding life and purpose under oppression. It’s focusing power has made our pleasure intentional and made our work need meaning. The New Moon is escorting Saturn out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn and is creating a significant opportunity to access the wisdom of change, potential, and planning through deliberate and even meditative audacity. Change is inevitable. Think of the world thirty, or even twenty years ago. Who knew that this would be the world we would be living in? Who hoped for it? Who planned for it?  Take a quiet moment outside tangling obligations and conflicts of the day, drink some water, and let your adrenaline drop. What seeds are you planting for tomorrow? Are you asking for change to accommodate your fear? Survival is real and this is a priority especially for marginalized people. You deserve to live without fear of violence. When you’ve answered that, if you can, ask again but differently, What will you change to accommodate your life?



*** Art By Inés Ixierda, queer, disabled Bolivian bruja. Check out their etsy shop here.

Supermoon in Taurus



We guard ourselves from danger. We guard our family from threat. We guard our people from hate. We must not guard ourselves from the truth.

Sweet Taurus is a slow burn, a steadfast and still stone of a bull, one who savors and stabilizes. It has real staying power. What does it mean to have this moon come at this time?

Taurus feelings typically have a lot to do with possession and security. While it can be poised and stable when pushed with external demands, the other side to the coin is it’s death grip on what brings it comfort against the brashness of the world.

In uncertain times, Taurus may want to bring things back to the way they’re “supposed to be” whether that be under an Obama administration, Reagan era, or in complete subversion of the two. Taurus wants to go back to whenever there was a time where it felt in control and secure. Taurus wants a pillow fort, enclosed in a room in a house behind a wall with a moat and a drawbridge. Another sign of security for the Taurus is material possessions. Food security, health security, and emotional security are paramount and having resources is vital for that to exist.

For some, most of your life has been an accomplishment of security, your home, your family, your routine is something you feel you’ve worked hard for; you’ve earned it. For some, no matter how hard you’ve worked, stability and safety have only been in brief memories.

Security is not an achievement.

It isn’t something fought for and won. It is a measure of distance between you, and whatever threatens you or what you love. There is a lot more to it than a job, a dog, and house with a locking door (although all of those things sure help!). The feeling of security is not correlated to that distance. For example, someone may have a fear of flying in an airplane but drives in a car every day. The measure of threat is significantly higher in a car than on a plane. There is a feeling of safety in a car because it is familiar. It is a human psychological condition to go with an unhealthy known problem than to step out and pursue a better unknown possibility.

So here we are together, going down this road that we have taken for so many years, and we’ve arrived here at this moment in this place. We ask ourselves, how did we get here? This is not safe. This is not where we belong.

We search to find where we went of the road but we see nothing but pavement behind us. We see the rational decisions we’ve made to survive, to ensure our security, to stay comfortable behind locked doors. What we knew but somehow forgotten is that whatever is happening to the people outside of those locked doors could happen to us. The measure from the threat to our bodies has closed and we’ve easily put fear in the driver’s seat. The road we’ve followed led us here and now our only true material possessions, our lives, bodies, and agency, are at risk.

Taurus has a lesson for us. Have you ever heard the term “come to your senses?”. Isn’t it interesting, in a society that teaches us that choosing the best of two evils is just “being realistic”, “coming to our senses” is a colloquialism for a return to reality? What are your senses telling you? Feel your feelings. The anger, the sadness – the hope? What do you actually choose when the choice is broadened from a two way street to an entire horizon? The question is how to we find our agency in a time of where things seem so unsure? How can we be steadfast and strong in upheaval?

I believe Octavia Butler to be a prophet for our time. From the fictitious religion Earthseed found in the books Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents comes a central tenet that “God is Change”. It is rooted in the idea that every person has the potential power to change the course of their life and their survival.  Earthseed is a religion for the future. It is the idea that all seeds of the Earth can be transplanted and adapt. When we consider the carbon tipping point, the current political landscape, and the terrorizing of the land I wonder about the belief of Butler’s fictional philosophy:  “The Destiny of Earthseed / Is to take root among the stars”. Regardless I hope we can root in a steadfast and secure path of change, to be attuned to our senses, and to truly possess our lives and our bodies.

“All that you touch

You Change.

All that you Change

Changes you.

The only lasting truth

Is Change.


Is Change”

– Parable of the Sower

When we understand that the world is ever-changing and we place our faith in our own agency, our senses, and our livelihood we can channel Taurus energy is a way that doesn’t allow for our head to be in the sand a moment longer. We get to understand that true security is the risk of staying, being present with your senses, and claiming what is yours.

Under this full moon I ask you to take in this information and look for a path that is truly secure for all of us. We may not know what will happen but we can be sure of one thing, we are here and we are not going anywhere.

New Moon in Leo

Truth or Dare

Children can be narcissistic, innocent, vulnerable, hilarious, little dictators. Children should be protected, nurtured, and cared for. Your creative genius should be protected, nurtured, and cared for. This new moon encourages you to be your wildly creative child self and uncovers how to be a parent to such an unruly child at the same time

I know, Leo is all about fun. This is definitely a big part of this astrology, but this Leo sun is squaring Dark Moon Lilith, and I’ve GOT to talk about it.

Whether your parents were good, bad, absent, or overbearing, we can imagine what a good parent ought to do. Maybe more so, we can imagine what a good parent shouldn’t do. When we look at those who filled the role of parent or guardian in our lives we can almost always find where the parent failed, where we needed more or less of something. Dark Moon Lilith squaring the Sun is a time bomb. She is not someone you call on when you need a bed time story. This Goddess is the vindictive rage of those who have been outcast, alienated, or exiled. While Leo New Moon promises of radiance, vitality, and generosity, it also brings in the DRAMA. This aspect is a headstrong advocate for those who have fucked up childhoods and right now she could demand action from you. There may be a hard decision to make that is about respecting that inner child at the expense of a relationship. This decision may appear to be alienating or threatening to social freedom but ultimately respecting that inner child will bring boundless blessings. Doing this helps you understand your worth, be able to see whether or not people are good for you or bad, and connects you with the potential for pride and enthusiasm.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that a lot of blocks around creative expression are rooted in childhood experiences. Leo is associated strongly with both children and creative expression. Saturn is a good parent. Saturn picks you up from school on time, challenges you in the ways you need to grow, and gives you rewards for achieving your goals. The Leo New Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius offering a reckoning with the urge for fun and fame and the struggle of standing in the heat of the spotlight. Ultimately we are responsible to be good and kind stewards of our creative expression. We must honor that genius in the ways we are called upon and compelled to do. What a perfect time to cultivate confidence by being the proud parent of your genius.

I dare you to enjoy the moment and be boundless in the light of your own brilliance.

I double dare you to have fun being your freaky self without the need of an authority’s approval.

I triple dog dare you to take responsibility for your own enjoyment and actively seek out opportunities to be generous with yourself.



*Image by Hilma AF Klimt, witch mystic abstract painter who predates Kandinsky by a long shot.


New Moon in Cancer

Feelings and Healings

Shit happens. We go through this all the time, we fight, we fuck, we break up, we cry, we stew, whatever. Mars Retrograde has surfaced some old wounds that we thought we were done with a long time ago. We thought we were past this. We need to get past this.
The Cancer New Moon doesn’t require a lot to perform healing. She likes baths, oceans, rose water. She deals in intuition, the senses, the comfort and pleasure of the skin. She wants you to feel how it feels because you might have been avoiding some important steps in your journey towards intimacy and fulfillment.

When I think of Cancer I think of the ocean, I think of the tides. When you are caught in a tide the worst thing you can do is try to fight against it. This is our natural inclination, to survive, but this isn’t how the ocean works. When we surrender to the tide she may pull us in deeper, but we can save our energy once the rolling tide passes, and swim to the surface. Of course, this is a metaphor for emotions. Our scariest emotions. Feelings of entrapment, rage, and endless sadness. Of course this is a metaphor for healing. Healing is nonlinear and illogical. It is against our illogical and sit quietly while bombs drop around us. It is counterintuitive to surrender in what feels like a war. It is hard not to beat ourselves up for being to intense or vulnerable or cold. It’s hard to acknowledge that things you thought you were over are not done with you yet.

Our emotions can give us vital information. They can be a green light, an alarm system, a fuel gauge. My bet is that your anger and frustrations are showing you where your boundaries need to be and you are not sure if your ready to build them. Boundaries can mean letting go. They can mean breaking up. But honestly, the ones that are going to go up after these next two weeks are going to be about respecting yourself and the people you love. It’s transcendent. It’s long game. It’s real love. It’s fucking radical.

Just as self care isn’t about taking care of others, self care is not about avoiding responsibility for your actions. It is, in some ways, preparing yourself to be solid enough to be confident in your choices and to act in ways you are proud of so in the times we don’t act in accordance with our integrity, we can recognize it too. When we don’t take care of ourselves, very simple and honest responses can feel like they’re sinking our ships. If we ground our actions in our principles and meet our own needs, being accountable to those we love can be a positive influence in our lives.
Respect the messages your feelings are sending you. Take time to go through them and find where they meet your reality. Witness them. Honor where they came from. Let them be obscure and illusive, avoid emotional hygiene and new age guilt trips about becoming a “whole person”. You are a whole person, though sometimes or most times fragmented, distorted, or broken, you are whole. Yes, respect your feelings and avoid being over protective. What I mean by this is that there are feelings that serve us and feelings that have been products of our environment, ways we have been conditioned to feel that may not accurately reflect what we actually need. Guilt and shame at their best can be markers of where we could have done better. But under patriarchy and white supremacy they are often useless attachments to not being good enough, for needing “too much”, or even being too much. Although the New Moon is a time of new beginnings I think the most successful endeavor we can embark upon this cycle is recognizing old pattens of guilt, shame, or insecurity.
The new moon falls on the 4th of July where, in this country, we set off bombs in “celebration of the liberty provided by our forefathers”. There cannot be a better metaphor for the irony and flat out bullshit this statement is than the scene in a refugee center or a VA hospital on this day. My liberation isn’t celebrated with bombs, beers, or bros. My liberation will be celebrated when every prison is destroyed, all reparations are paid, and patriarchy eviscerated.
May the explosions this evening feed dreams of smashing the state. May all war survivors in this country be held by those they love tonight. May all who were children familiar with gunfire let their tears flood the streets. May the land rise up and swallow it’s colonizers whole. May we celebrate the our love for each other and ourselves tonight and every night. As we heal ourselves, we heal each other. Happy Interdependence Day.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

Intuition and Logic

Something feels very critical about this time we share together, doesn’t it? I see you making the mistakes that people make when they are vulnerable and raw. I see you detaching to stay whole, I see you building your reserves, I see your work behind windows. I see careless words hit harder, cut deeper. I see platitudes being passed off for deep thoughts. I know right now we need way way way more than that. I will try my best to be careful and thoughtful with you.

The full moon, at its most basic essence, is a full “illumination” or culmination of events since the new moon. When it comes to Sagittarius this has everything to do making meaning. The ways we come to understand meaning are as vast and diverse as there are minds on this Earth. One of the writers who talks about meaning explicitly is Viktor Frankl who wrote a book about surviving the Holocaust and his search for meaning. What reminds me of him tonight is the simple yet profound concept that we are the authority on the meaning of our own lives. That, while facts lie where they may, we look at them, like coffee grounds or sticks on the floor, and find our own truth within them. His thoughts are also significant here in the light of the seemingly unending trauma that is happening to marginalized people here in the United States and across the globe. That at the same time brilliant and beautiful resistance, art, and thought is being made by those same people. It is also important because the truth belongs to the oppressed. The oppressors are far to invested in holding power to honor truth. We must remember that we make meaning. Sagittarius thinks deeply about these things and the moon governs our emotional lives, making this a time to reckon with distance between heart and mind. This moon can also bring about an emotional conflict concerning the mirroring of our intimate, immediate surroundings and global life. We see the intersection of international politics with the safety of our very own bodies wether it be reproductive rights or the unrelenting antiBlackness that has been socially, economically, and emotionally instituted in our society. We can’t deny the consequences of those in power because they are literally killing us or those we love. The distant becomes intimate. The intimate becomes urgent.  We may struggle with words up to this point. We may not understand how the world can hold so much beauty and pain.

This is the paradox of a thinker and a thinker cannot be rushed. When we are pushed to say something or do something before knowing when and where and how we can neglect important details and later find ourselves asking “how did I get here?”. Sometimes we cannot help it, our hands are forced, we are too tired, we need to eat, want to have fun (and fun is vital!!), or the actions are so tacit or compulsory we forget about our agency. After being told so many times what is and isn’t possible, we can easily forget that we make meaning. Often in these moments of confusion we consult the cards, the gods, the stars, and ultimately ourselves. We reflect. This is important. We must think, and then we must DO, but first we must think. The beauty of Sagittarius is that she knows that thinking is so valuable but is meaningless without action and action without meaning is screaming into a fucking void.

This week, as the moon reflects the bold and curious Gemini sun, we have an opportunity to ask these questions of meaning in a spirit of hope, faith, and embrace the risk of going through life with these as our guiding principles. We can bet on ourselves, on our integrity, our work, our love. What does love mean to you? What brings you hope? What do you have faith in? Then check yourself, does it put love back in to you? Does it have faith in you? Do you embody it’s hope? If not you need to reconsider your shit.

This may seem like common sense to some of you but this age feels intense, like a major transition, like we are moving away from something and towards something else. Are we growing or are we combusting? What is the difference? Could you recognize it if you saw it? The point isn’t to avoid destruction, or mess, or change. When something doesn’t work it needs to fall apart. The point is to live through it. Look at the reality, unflinchingly, look at yourself, compassionately, ask the questions “what do I want most?” AND “how can I be of service?”. Don’t let either answer cancel each other out. Be logical about your true necessities and what you need to be happy and healthy, let your intuition guide you towards a life where that is possible. Know that when you feed yourself, you can feed others, when you are in your power you bring blessings to your people, when you shine we shine.  Wrestle with your exhaustion or let yourself dream a little bit. Catch yourself trying to escape. Choose to let yourself escape. Fall asleep at your desk, in your studio, in a stranger’s bed. Experience catharsis. Experience your body. Experience your sharp edges against the softness of your own wounds. Whatever you choose do, though its a tough time for action, now is a great time to align with your higher self.

Know this paradox: the struggle is an important part on the path to mastery and your only job is to get through the day. Whatever living looks like to you, getting your life or just getting by, live through this.