Full Moon Eclipse in Leo

Full Moon Eclipse in Leo


I don’t think it’s a mistake that a group of lions is called a pride. Leo’s are know for many things and pride is certainly one of them. When we ask what does a full moon eclipse in Leo mean for us we are asking what final lessons must we irrevocably release when considering our pride?

Pride is a gorgeous word. If you google it, the first thing you’ll see is a gay flag. Pride can represent confidence, self assurance against all odds, and a strong tool against shame and stigma. In ancient Norwegian it means to adorn or to grace and in Old Norse it means gallant or brave.  Pride can be both a sense of personal accomplishment and a sense of belonging.

Pride can also be dangerous. White supremacist patriarchy goes by the name proud boy. State and ethnic pride can be a nationalist genocidal extermination. Pride can be the lack of accountability of the unexamined life.

Pride that is contingent on the exclusion, subjugation or domination of others is bullshit. Pride that is founded on notions of purity, invulnerability, and shame is also bullshit.
AND we are not immune to it.

We cannot change things we refuse to see and sometimes we don’t see things until we are given little choice. So in many ways this proud Leo moon is working its magic and husking this superfluous pride to put us in touch with a confidence that is rooted in generosity, vulnerability, and the encouragement of others.


False pride has a way of making us cling to shaky ground. Sometimes we harbor harmful thoughts, feelings, and behaviors because it’s “the way we were raised”, “where I come from”, or “I’m just being realistic”. Sometimes it’s so imbedded in our culture that only deeply othered or marginalized people experience the harm.

This eclipse there is a huge opportunity for emotional breakthroughs if we step off that shaky ground, breathe through the discomfort of being unsure, stay vulnerable, and slow any impulsive feelings all the way down. Transformative events often have us constantly scanning for clarity, or at least a way out, but the only way to get the lesson of this eclipse and hasten change is to be still, reflect, and release.

This is not a good time to make big decisions, to start fights, or have an affair. This also isn’t a time to think, plan, manifest, or fight your way out. Passions are running high, and so are illusions, so please be patient with yourself and hear what these mirages are trying to say, stay rooted in ritual, let the meaning come through.


This eclipse offers an opportunity to connect with the source of our creative vision, the birthplace of Ws, and the bubbling well of willpower. This great potential requires great faith.

Where will we place our faith?

Will we choose the place it in fantasy?
Imagining a better world is vital in a time where resources seem scarce, time is swallowed by money, and suffering is so visible. Where is fantasy an vital part of our imagination that breaks binaries, colonial concepts, and colorist orthodox? When is fantasy an illusion, a dissociation, a way of pretending that we deserve or earned our privileges?

Will we choose to put our faith in our power?
Power comes from learning how to best serve those whose trust you’ve earned. Power comes from mercy, grace, impeccable judgement and humility. Power is service. Power is not control. Service is as essential to power as joy is to resilience, we’re going to need both. So how do we find joy in service? Where has the pursuit of power robbed you of the joy of service?


Will we choose to put our faith in our practice?
Anything we do routinely can be a practice. Literally anything. When we put faith in a practice it sometimes is called ritual. The only thing that separates a regular practice from a ritual is intention. The important part of a ritual is that it has meaning to you. What intentions are you setting? Who or what do they serve? How are you making meaning? What does your practice create? What needs to change?

Where is our faith most expansive? Where does our faith reach towards freedom? Towards accuracy?

Where is our faith wise?


There is great potential but with that comes great uncertainty which can produce great anxiety. Try your best to stay calm, avoid reacting, and remember that doing otherwise can create even more chaos and uncertainty. This is a clearing, I repeat, this. Is. a. Clearing. stay loose, stay hydrated, move your body the ways you like, and release release release.


As with any change, something needs to give way, be sloughed off, and make room for something else to emerge and it’s about as fun as it sounds. I know it’s hard. It’s so damn tough. It can feel insurmountable. But let me tell you, there are some massive transits delivering key information on how to use this exhausting but lasting lunar energy later on. And while you absolutely have a choice in whether or not to use this eclipse for your own growth, you can’t escape yourself. Feel through the feelings, think through the thoughts and hold in your heart the tremendous potential of the way we exercise power, pride, and creativity and how can directly transform our experience of harmony, grace, and peace; how practicing mercy and compassion can restore and right-size our natural power and expand our creativity and abundance. We are not a product of our circumstances. We can dream. We can change. We change. Have faith.


Release. Release. Release.