Remember who the fuck you are.

Neptune was discovered, not through its observations through a telescope, but through its disruptions in other heavenly bodies. Calculations were made around the gravitational pull of the planet far before its actual visual confirmation which was a very haphazard find from a general scan of the sky. In many ways, Neptune functions similarly in astrology. Neptune can force us to go inward, fogging up the material world, and leaving us with our own speculations and projections. Neptune shows where the cracks in our egos are. It can make us behave in ways that are unfamiliar to us, not because it is outside of our character, but rather it illuminates the difference between how we see ourselves and who we really are.


The full moon at the beginning of the month is conjunct Neptune which can show us where we need to let go of logic and follow intuition or where our hopes and fears are replacing reality. This starts a cycle of receiving information, processing it both internally and externally, and then letting it integrate. Some of the things we find can be disturbing and with a conjunction with mercury and venus happening, anxiety can freeze the whole process. Lucky for us it is forming a square with Mars in Sagittarius which means there is no room for cowardice. The opening question the cosmos has for you in March is “How will I remain fiercely open to new ways of thinking and new ways of seeing myself?”


Integration of ego and reality is never easy but it is important to always be reaching towards the truth. It requires radical self love and self forgiveness This also means cultivating the spiritual strength to perform powerful rituals of love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Accept mortality, accept sexuality, accept the fact that there is no time to waste on this Earth for narrow self-interest, indulgence, or depreciation. Death and sexuality provide context for our behavior in life. When we lose sight of it we feel the pressure of purpose in our life but forget where it’s coming from. We carry this anxiety of needing something to carry us through the days and try to find it through lovers, drugs, and fake spiritual pursuits. This is another shadow side of Neptune.  


Jupiter is in positive conversation with the new moon in Virgo, helping assuage the worry and self absorption of fear, allowing us renew our dedication to the work of self worth. Ritual is routine, routine is ritual.


Finally, one last bone shaker of a moon asking us, pleading with us, maybe even forcing us to TRUST ourselves. Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd and stands in defiant opposition of the full moon in Libra. You will receive no perfumed love note, no secret admiring letter from your instincts, not even a passive aggressive roommate note. In this night, mercury confuses, confounds, and contradicts, an already indecisive Libra moon. This hot prod of miscommunication, shitty interactions, and projection after transmutating projection requires creative new rituals around self purification. You may feel the need to lock yourself in your home and self medicate until the month passes but this can be a little dangerous when the message of self worth is so clear. The only way is through. Courage, lunar babes. Worry comes and goes. Rejection happens. Dysfunctional patterns can be corrected and toxic modeled behavior can be relearned. Saturn is making an exact conjunction with Mars telling me that conscious transmutation of our anger and fear can bring incredible clarity of purpose and the drive to get us through.


We need emotional resourcefulness. What will help you feel more faith in life? In yourself? What do you have to be grateful for? I’m not talking about what is redeemable. Jupiter in retrograde is unironically asking us to move forward — to think beyond the times we live in. What of our enemy knows the truth? What about this truth can we trust? Think about this privately and independently. There is tremendous evidence that the world is dysfunctional toxic oppressive mess. We need to lay a firm grip on our drive and purpose. This starts with ritual, love, and conscious expression.