New Moon in Leo

Truth or Dare

Children can be narcissistic, innocent, vulnerable, hilarious, little dictators. Children should be protected, nurtured, and cared for. Your creative genius should be protected, nurtured, and cared for. This new moon encourages you to be your wildly creative child self and uncovers how to be a parent to such an unruly child at the same time

I know, Leo is all about fun. This is definitely a big part of this astrology, but this Leo sun is squaring Dark Moon Lilith, and I’ve GOT to talk about it.

Whether your parents were good, bad, absent, or overbearing, we can imagine what a good parent ought to do. Maybe more so, we can imagine what a good parent shouldn’t do. When we look at those who filled the role of parent or guardian in our lives we can almost always find where the parent failed, where we needed more or less of something. Dark Moon Lilith squaring the Sun is a time bomb. She is not someone you call on when you need a bed time story. This Goddess is the vindictive rage of those who have been outcast, alienated, or exiled. While Leo New Moon promises of radiance, vitality, and generosity, it also brings in the DRAMA. This aspect is a headstrong advocate for those who have fucked up childhoods and right now she could demand action from you. There may be a hard decision to make that is about respecting that inner child at the expense of a relationship. This decision may appear to be alienating or threatening to social freedom but ultimately respecting that inner child will bring boundless blessings. Doing this helps you understand your worth, be able to see whether or not people are good for you or bad, and connects you with the potential for pride and enthusiasm.

I don’t think it is a coincidence that a lot of blocks around creative expression are rooted in childhood experiences. Leo is associated strongly with both children and creative expression. Saturn is a good parent. Saturn picks you up from school on time, challenges you in the ways you need to grow, and gives you rewards for achieving your goals. The Leo New Moon trines Saturn in Sagittarius offering a reckoning with the urge for fun and fame and the struggle of standing in the heat of the spotlight. Ultimately we are responsible to be good and kind stewards of our creative expression. We must honor that genius in the ways we are called upon and compelled to do. What a perfect time to cultivate confidence by being the proud parent of your genius.

I dare you to enjoy the moment and be boundless in the light of your own brilliance.

I double dare you to have fun being your freaky self without the need of an authority’s approval.

I triple dog dare you to take responsibility for your own enjoyment and actively seek out opportunities to be generous with yourself.



*Image by Hilma AF Klimt, witch mystic abstract painter who predates Kandinsky by a long shot.