I am a writer and astrologer in the Bay Area.

Fiction, memoir, and astrology have all provided a space for understanding, transformation, and healing. Astrology has a particular way of validating our experiences, illustrating our unique challenges, natural talents, and reminds us that we have a place and purpose in the universe. I look for the narrative of our lives, between the margins, under the sheets, and find the truth – over and over again, in the stars.

The work that I do frequently falls, in the minds of most people, into the realm of fiction called fantastic, or mythic, or magic, or unbelievable. I’m not comfortable with these labels. I consider that my single gravest responsibility (in spite of that magic) is not to lie. When I hear someone say ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ I think that old chestnut is truer than we know; just that it’s stranger, meaning that it’s odd. It may be excessive, it may be more interesting, but the important thing is that it’s random, and fiction is not random.”

Therefore the crucial distinction for me is not the difference between fact and fiction, but the distinction between fact and truth. Because facts can exist without human intelligence, but truth cannot.

Toni Morrison, The Site of Memory



Diego has been providing astrological council since 2011. He has his BA in Integral Studies from California Institute of Integral Studies. His focus was on semiotics, mythology, and psychology.