Supermoon in Taurus



We guard ourselves from danger. We guard our family from threat. We guard our people from hate. We must not guard ourselves from the truth.

Sweet Taurus is a slow burn, a steadfast and still stone of a bull, one who savors and stabilizes. It has real staying power. What does it mean to have this moon come at this time?

Taurus feelings typically have a lot to do with possession and security. While it can be poised and stable when pushed with external demands, the other side to the coin is it’s death grip on what brings it comfort against the brashness of the world.

In uncertain times, Taurus may want to bring things back to the way they’re “supposed to be” whether that be under an Obama administration, Reagan era, or in complete subversion of the two. Taurus wants to go back to whenever there was a time where it felt in control and secure. Taurus wants a pillow fort, enclosed in a room in a house behind a wall with a moat and a drawbridge. Another sign of security for the Taurus is material possessions. Food security, health security, and emotional security are paramount and having resources is vital for that to exist.

For some, most of your life has been an accomplishment of security, your home, your family, your routine is something you feel you’ve worked hard for; you’ve earned it. For some, no matter how hard you’ve worked, stability and safety have only been in brief memories.

Security is not an achievement.

It isn’t something fought for and won. It is a measure of distance between you, and whatever threatens you or what you love. There is a lot more to it than a job, a dog, and house with a locking door (although all of those things sure help!). The feeling of security is not correlated to that distance. For example, someone may have a fear of flying in an airplane but drives in a car every day. The measure of threat is significantly higher in a car than on a plane. There is a feeling of safety in a car because it is familiar. It is a human psychological condition to go with an unhealthy known problem than to step out and pursue a better unknown possibility.

So here we are together, going down this road that we have taken for so many years, and we’ve arrived here at this moment in this place. We ask ourselves, how did we get here? This is not safe. This is not where we belong.

We search to find where we went of the road but we see nothing but pavement behind us. We see the rational decisions we’ve made to survive, to ensure our security, to stay comfortable behind locked doors. What we knew but somehow forgotten is that whatever is happening to the people outside of those locked doors could happen to us. The measure from the threat to our bodies has closed and we’ve easily put fear in the driver’s seat. The road we’ve followed led us here and now our only true material possessions, our lives, bodies, and agency, are at risk.

Taurus has a lesson for us. Have you ever heard the term “come to your senses?”. Isn’t it interesting, in a society that teaches us that choosing the best of two evils is just “being realistic”, “coming to our senses” is a colloquialism for a return to reality? What are your senses telling you? Feel your feelings. The anger, the sadness – the hope? What do you actually choose when the choice is broadened from a two way street to an entire horizon? The question is how to we find our agency in a time of where things seem so unsure? How can we be steadfast and strong in upheaval?

I believe Octavia Butler to be a prophet for our time. From the fictitious religion Earthseed found in the books Parable of the Sower and Parable of the Talents comes a central tenet that “God is Change”. It is rooted in the idea that every person has the potential power to change the course of their life and their survival.  Earthseed is a religion for the future. It is the idea that all seeds of the Earth can be transplanted and adapt. When we consider the carbon tipping point, the current political landscape, and the terrorizing of the land I wonder about the belief of Butler’s fictional philosophy:  “The Destiny of Earthseed / Is to take root among the stars”. Regardless I hope we can root in a steadfast and secure path of change, to be attuned to our senses, and to truly possess our lives and our bodies.

“All that you touch

You Change.

All that you Change

Changes you.

The only lasting truth

Is Change.


Is Change”

– Parable of the Sower

When we understand that the world is ever-changing and we place our faith in our own agency, our senses, and our livelihood we can channel Taurus energy is a way that doesn’t allow for our head to be in the sand a moment longer. We get to understand that true security is the risk of staying, being present with your senses, and claiming what is yours.

Under this full moon I ask you to take in this information and look for a path that is truly secure for all of us. We may not know what will happen but we can be sure of one thing, we are here and we are not going anywhere.