New Moon In Capricorn

Show Up


There are a lot of unknowns out there in the world right now. The clarity in chaos is an understanding of what we stand to lose. Some of us have lost a lot this year. Some of us have a lot to lose.


The question that arises is “What will we consciously risk to gain ourselves?” And even more “What is this “self” we should risk everything for?”


To survive the worst the world has to offer we it’s a good idea to be rooted in our original gifts and talents. This is where we find our personal power and Capricorn is all about harnessing our personal power. Some confusion may arise around our actual goals and needs. Some of us are conditioned to be self sacrificial, to care for others before ourselves. In a time where we need to be 100 percent on our healing game, these caregivers, however natural or unnatural the tendency is, can burn the fuck out.


Ambitious Capricorn and free wheeling Mercury in retrograde offer us a time to deeply consider how we talk to each other, how people talk to us, and our communion with the earth. New moon in Capricorn wants us to clear the ground so we have something to build on and draw up the blueprints so we can stay on track. Having this conjunct a Mercury retrograde can initially be confusing, but at it’s best we can find areas where we are sure of things and other areas where we aren’t. Once we’ve identified those areas we can focus on our strengths and build from there. Keep these strengths in mind in your daily conversation. Watch who speaks to them and those who do not. Take note.


This  can be an important time for solitude, which isn’t to say to be alone or lonely, but rather to have time to yourself and make sure you seek out your own approval before anyone else’s. That way, regardless of what feelings arise, your actions can reflect your intentions. This way we can honor our feelings and live up to our responsibilities at the same time. While in your solitude study a master in a field you are interested in. Find out not only what they do, but how they do it, who they do it with, and their struggles to reach their goals. Become intimate with this process.


The new year comes a little early with this new moon as it calls for  time of review, purging, and planning. Saturn (structure) will be in harmony with Uranus (innovation) beginning this month. This gives us an important boost in not only clearing out what is unnecessary but also energy to make positive changes in your life. This starts 2017 with new found responsibility towards yourself and those you are in community with.