Cancer Full Moon

There is an old saying, you can not fill anyone else’s cup until yours is full.

Picture with me, a cup in your hands, picture it’s size, it’s shape, it’s color and texture. This is the vessel that holds the fulfillment of your emotional needs. Any ounce of water, tea, coffee, whatever that is in your cup belongs to YOU. Anything that spills over belongs to someone else.

If you give anything from what is inside your cup, before it is full, you make those people out to be thieves.

The first full moon of the year is important. This is a time of accounting and making our own value system which is important in a time where a day in the world seems more like an episode of the twilight zone.

This moon is one about protection and devotion. It is conjunct with the brightly burning Vesta. Whether it be devotion to an identity, protection of privacy, or your world view, there is some need to draw a line in the sand. The buck stops where the sacred and profane begin.

I used the cup visualization to create a frame that helps us keep in mind what we have control over and what we do not. Our bodies, our minds, and our emotional well being are the priorities that are paramount in this world. Each of our needs look different and all of us require communities and social services to keep these things healthy. Fill your cup first.

Still, under this moon people who have been socialized as caregivers can falter when it comes to being self sacrificial – wanting everyone to have a good time or fighting for a good cause, with no regard to what they actually are wanting. These people don’t feel their needs to be strong enough to be it’s own cause.

The moon asks you to center you and your needs as sacred worship to the temple your ancestors built for you. They also ask you to understand that systems of oppression are made to convince society that the disorder of oppression is order. Please remember this.

Another side to this is people coming out of the woodwork for causes that are more systemic than the surface problems that they are reacting to. People who are experiencing scarcity, instability, and fear who are not accustomed to it in their daily lives may be prone to throwing themselves into efforts to regain control over their circumstances.

There can be a lack of analysis or critical discernment when it comes to activism due to very inflammatory information.  Coming across as austere or holier than thou is not a good look right now.A lot of people have been suffering for a very long time, a lot of people have been fighting, now is no different to them than any other. Let all that spills over go to those who have none.

I said the moon is, in part, about devotion. A good part of devotion is study. If your being called to action, whether it is self work, political work, or creative work, chances are a great deal of emotion is being pushed through this work. Pairing this with diligent study creates a sustainable practice and greater articulates the purpose of the work. Sink yourself into it, become steadfast in the work. If your work reckons with the injustice in the world , your art, your activism, your hoeing and cruising is sacred work.  May your waters always be flowing and your fire stay lit.

If you need to fall into a hole of letter writing and political campaigning to assuage your fear, by all means. If you need to roll into the street and break some glass and burn some trash, get it goin.  It does not mean that the world must follow. It does not mean that anyone who doesn’t do what you do is a part of the opposition. It just shows where your priorities are and how you must meet them. Again, fill your cup girl.

If you BEEN workin the dystopia, pay no mind to the brand new artists or activists popping up trying your patience. The moon and Vesta encourages you to bein your dwellings, nest up, rest up, an rejuvenate yourself babe. Hold fast to the boundaries and take thy self to the temple, spa, and hot tub, and thaw them bones.


As always, receive care, take this moon in, take no shit, and suffer no fools. Don’t be pushed into doing things that aren’t apart of taking care of yourself. Build these protections around your communities and those that are most affected by the horror that threatens you.



kx’i’m, k’a’min  —
(my) our storage basket, (our) my body

12 x 12 inches

by Genius Artist and PhD Scholar, Sarah Biscarra Dilley,  whose work explores the spaces between the worlds; between blood sickness and bloodlines, between grief and joy, between body and land. Visit her work at:


*** Side note:

+A dad holding  shotgun to his daughter’s date is NOT protection. It is ownership. It is patriarchal. When I say protect those most affected I mean prioritize their voices in your work. Believe them, hold their truth as your own, and fight as long and often as they do.

+We can protect and preserve what is ours through many ways but one thing is for sure, it won’t be done through coercion, bullying, or false prophesying.