Full Moon in Gemini


“Your silence will not protect you.”

Audre Lorde



    Gemini keeps it light. Not light like sunshine and rainbows, but light like a reporter in war time. Detached but engaged, with but not of, understanding, gathering, unraveling. It is a daunting task, to witness everything. All of it. The whole world, every being, every interaction, every idea, theory, and thought. Even with two heads and four eyes, the Gemini struggles with this impossible task. So what keeps the Gemini going? Curiosity. Insatiable curiosity. It is just as vital to the twins as talking. They talk as naturally as molecules bond, as breath breathes, and hearts beat.

    With all these skills comes a shadow that gained Gemini a reputation that sticks. Gemini’s job is to observe, collect, and reflect. Within this process there is little room for judgement. In it’s highest form, the Gemini is a mirror, sharing the information as accurately and interestingly as possible.  This can be stone cold – especially when one is forced to confront a hard truth that may not correspond with their beliefs. It seems almost criminal to bore this air sign, let alone bring them down. Gemini, whose magic is working words, can and will help us construct the facts in a way that portrays a truth to their liking, never confronting what is standing in front of them.

    Gemini is a sign that also rules neighbors. In this time I think it is important to remember that collectively held beliefs are powerful. While Gemini is here to gather information, it isn’t here to make meaning or beliefs out of it. When meaning is applied to collectively shared information it takes on an entirely different role. I can see this time to be one of inquiry about the difference between truth and fact. I can see people shoring up their beliefs with assertions of “fact” deeming all other experiences as invalid out of fear of their own experience being invalidated. White supremacy, sexism, ableism, and nationalism all bank on a collective “truth” based on “facts” rooted in systems of oppression.

    Truth can be the coupling of human intelligence and the cold hard facts of the world. I know that truth cannot exist without either. I also know that the pursuit of the Gemini’s path is Sisyphean in the sense that gather all of the world’s facts are impossible. We must make our truth with what is in front of us – with what we are able to gather, and our personal intelligence as constantly incomplete things. What do you know? What do you see? And finally, how do you feel? The significance with the moon here is a fierce protection of one’s feelings by constructing a truth around it. This can be radical. This can be destructive. It can be both.

    “Speaking truth to power”, a term coined by civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, is something that is very important in this time in history. When we feel/are crazy for wanting to be treated with respect, to have a chance to live and thrive, to be safe in our homes and in the world, we must speak out against the forces and people that keep these rights from being actualities.

    The question that remains is who or what to we speak to? To what power is responsibility for our suffering?

    For answers we can look to the trine with Mars and Jupiter. Mars is the action and Jupiter is the bigger picture. We need them both so bad right now. Mars in Aquarius is intelligently assertive which works beautifully with Gemini (any Outkast fans out there know this). Jupiter in Libra can bring about a larger order through cooperation, encouragement, and art. The shadows of each are Mars’ expression of Aquarius’ rebellion thwarting the potential of significant achievements and Jupiter’s magnification on Libra’s indecisiveness. We can find ourselves searching for all clues around a conflict and never landing on a decision or stance. We can see something as clearly wrong but not confront it because it’s too obvious and it will take care of itself. I definitely think a time to make a concerted effort has come. I think it comes with a discovery of subjective vision where it was once unshakable truth. We may use Libra’s balance to understand many sides to truth, we may use Aquarius to sharpen our unique understanding of it. We use the moon as our guide and receive nurturance through this exploration of facts and fictions. We can find the truth to speak to that power in a truth that allows for people to each have their own experience of things. A truth that leaves room for taking in new information and has room for dissent.

    While the twins are known for their gift of gab the full moon is a time of reception. You probably know what you have to say. It’s probably the right thing to say. But now is the time to ask questions. To listen. To engage the curiosity and satisfy it with simply asking your questions. In a great conversation the role of speaking is only important to be able  listen more. Do not be silent. Never be silent. But don’t stop listening either.

    Take in the data of your life and do some accounting. What facts do you construct to tell your truth? Are you building your truth because it is being actively erased by community, society and state? Or are you building it because it is convenient defense for you ego? How can we create collective truths, powerful truth with our neighbors that reach towards liberation and freedom? How can we commit to curiosity in the face of dogma?

    Saturn square Chiron is known to spur some childhood wounds and open us up to an incredible opportunity for spiritual development. You have an opportunity to see and experience more than you imagine.

    We close this year with death and destruction. As creatures on this planet, we were born, live, and die with a constant cycle of winters. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones, friends, family, and feel like they’re losing themselves. I am so proud of the communities here in Oakland and of the world that organize out of love, grief, and compassion towards each other, the earth, and the right for both to thrive creatively, passionately, and sincerely.