Sagittarius New Moon

You gotta fight for your right to party.


Ok, so now we know. We got through the dark moon, we got the download, we got the shadow. So what now?

Let’s get lit.

I mean, since we’ve got to live with these devils, be they personal or national, might as well keep on living right? So when I say live what do I mean?

The archer pulls back on the arrow, a target in sight, she sees the distance, lifts that point to the sky, and what? Holds on for a minute? Nah. She lets go.

Some might call her crazy. She looks like she’s aiming for a star, a cloud, a vastness of sky. They might say “can’t you see what’s right in front of you?” With her experience and self assurance she aims, she steadies, and she lets go. She knows the course, the field, and still they’ll say she aimed too high. As she makes her arrow a bridge between heaven and earth, she knows, at some point in the future, that arrow will hit and strike true.  This new moon in Sagittarius we look towards what’s right, the highest possible good, and we set our sights on that.

However, without a specific aim, great leaps into action can become tragic missteps.

This moment requires great leaps, Sagittarius is the ruler of overseas travel, so we must have a specific aim. What we aim for right now is how to make meaning in this world out of our personal desires. In the full moon two weeks ago I asked you to get in touch with your senses. What did that bring up? How does that shape your philosophy on love? On joy?

Neptune is a great fog of illusion and disassociation. It can cloud our judgement. It can prevent us from seeing a future or make us over idealize a future. It can bog us down with feelings up hopelessness and then ask us escape the reality, put aside our principles, and just chill, man -it’ll all work out in the end. While, yes, time goes on and things ebb and flow, the new moon is telling you – chillin is cool, but living is lit as fuck.

Sagittarius is serious about integral joy. We need to know how to be happy in good times and bad, we need love before and after the apocalypse. Without this, we break down and become vulnerable to the corruption of those that try to bind us. Our ideals become objects no longer in our agency. Our principles become matters of convenience. Our joy becomes obedience to those who do not have our minds and hearts as priorities. Without something to live for we lose everything.

We must value our joy now more than ever. This means being able to drink clean water, this means free exchange of ideas, this means time for leisure, this means walking in the street without fear of death or injury. We must be preachers in the pulpit of ecstasy. Soldiers of love. Protectors of  all that sustains our individual freedoms and collective liberation in the spirit of sexual, emotional, and psychological autonomy. Aim by being responsible for your personal joy. We have to fight for fun.