Scorpio New Moon

What’s Your Damage?


Scorpio can work with tension. Tonight the tension is between two shadows. Death and rebirth. This may sound like some philosophical pursuit but the scorpion’s way is not one of pontification. This new moon our quest is to feel, to put your hand on the thinning velvet curtain between worlds, and truly initiate yourself into the world of mortality.

With this moon comes a note from Neptune, dissolving of ego, to help us let go of logic and embrace our intuitive senses. With Scorpio’s desire to see the unseen and root up pretension, Neptune steps in with the sensitivity of a psychic, distorting our own vision with the echoes of other’s thoughts. The meaning of things can get lost, paranoia can step in, anger and control can rear. This is an intense combination and many of my sensitive people out there might need a little something to help muffle the voices of their friends and lover’s inner thoughts. Be careful with drinking and drugs around this time.

Neptune is not without it’s compassion. If we want, we can use this energy to discover hope in the frailty of our beliefs. We could allow ourselves to be inspired by resilience against seemingly insurmountable forces. We can accept the affirmation of the bison. All our lives end eventually. We might as well dedicate it to something we believe in.

Mars is slowly walking away from a standoff with Uranus but it still has it’s sights set on the god of the sky during the new moon. It’s time to break out of a situation that doesn’t reflect or support what you’re about. Both Uranus and Mars are all about you and what you want. This makes for a good back up team but not great for moral guidance. While their square is super unstable it is important to pay attention to whether or not you are letting exterior things control your actions. Step up the self-discipline and take control over what you are and what you do. If you can’t do this immediately, choose deliberate action steps to get to right with yourself.

Finally Venus meets up with old man Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius. Harsh. These two work well together when we can be flexible with our bonds of love and friendship. Issues of neglect, feelings of distance and coldness, and maybe an overall feeling of deprivation are strong here. I can see this coming up in our close relationships and even causing temporary or permanent splits between long term relationships. Be wary of making people “prove” their worth right now. Scorpio has an influence of skepticism regarding people’s projections of their identity – which can be healthy in moderation. However, Saturn’s stern affect can levy a disproportionate punishment for bad behavior, especially if this bad behavior is neediness or attention seeking. Remind yourself of who your loved one really is. Give affection to the positive parts of your relationship.


I will y’all happy haunting all the days of your wicked lives. ❤