New Moon in Libra

“To light a candle is to cast a shadow”. As we light our candles and set our intentions for the new moon, speculative fiction writer, Ursula LeGuin gives us a good reminder that in all things there is a balance.


There are some things you can only learn about yourself in relationship with other people. Yes, some of us are good on our own but our desires, our needs, and our own beauty can come alive in dynamic love affairs. When we fall in love, romantically or platonically, there is almost certainly a part of ourselves we are falling in love with too. We grow in relationships, hopefully we learn about new ways of caring and being cared for. We are touched deeply and become inspired to make art whether it be a mixtape or a mural, we make masterpieces at the temple of love. The new moon is in Libra and Libra is infamously wild about relationships, beauty, and balance.  

The moon in Libra believes in fairness, a more diplomatic approach to our feelings, and with Jupiter in the same sign there is a tremendous potential for growth in areas of balance and reciprocity. However, balance is not symmetry.

One more time for the people in the back. Balance is not symmetry. 

Where do you feel too dependent on others? Where are others are too dependent on you? When you look at these things do you see the strings that tug at feelings of scarcity and fear? What is your go to position – relying on the strength of others or creating environments of dependency on you? We need each other, this much is true, but how much do we need each other? The answer is through process, weighing each side, it is not quick to reveal itself. But even this long routine of due process isn’t without it’s own dose of balance.

Enter, Mars and Pluto. The astrological square is a point of unresolvable conflict, much like fighting an endless war, and who better suited to fight a war than the God of War and the God of the Underworld?  Before I get too intense I want to point out the blessing in the square aspect is to cull the unhelpful qualities out of each sign and planet involved. Right now Mars and Pluto are totally stoked to be in the sign of Capricorn who, to great lengths, will work endlessly to achieve it’s goals. This can be ruthless. If we find an injustice we can be hard, cutting, and brutal under this aspect. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Capricorn is a sign who definitely likes to be in a position of power but ultimately wants it for the betterment of all.

We can use the strength and ferocity to sniff out where balance needs to be restored and create systems to ensure a greater reciprocity in our relationships. This is awesome because it makes sure that that love stuff that inspires you both to be a better person, read better books, and make better art keeps going.

Look at your life as an artist, and as an artist composing, where do you need to create balance and harmony?