Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Under The Bridge

I think pain, a lot of the time, is bullshit. I know, I know, “a world without pain is a world without pleasure”, but I don’t know if I buy that. I’ve seen a shit load of unnecessary pain in my life. Cruelty, horrifying living standards, brutal abuse. I really wish happiness and fulfillment for everyone; but of course when I can’t do that, when shit is too hard and too real and wishing for happiness seems condescending or ignorant, I wish for strength. The fact is that pain is a part of our world. Pain is an existential truth. Pain, however necessary or unnecessary, is a teacher that no one seeks out. No one climbs a mountain to learn at pain’s feet. Pain comes to you. Until we go to it  

I might be sounding a little BDSM right now but forreal, one of many ways to approach the inevitable pain in the world is by seeking it out.  When we take chances, we gamble against pain. When we try something new, when we fall in love, when we try to be our true selves, we risk pain. Sooner or later we experience a pain so great we know that if or when we come out the other end, we will never be the same. Some people call that feeling cleansing, traumatizing, or transformative. The pain that we confront this Pisces lunar eclipse is an old, old song. A canary in a coalmine.

Pisces is a great dissolver. It’s home is in cosmic consciousness – which is to say the unity of all things on earth and in the universe. With this lunar eclipse I see a dissolving of the compartments we’ve locked painful memories in. Pisces is also the end of a cycle which tells me that there is a huge opportunity for radical healing and closure. Chiron, the wounded healer, follows close behind and Mars spurs a square to the Sun and Moon. This is a reminder that, yes, you’ll feel an urgency to deal with what’s coming up right now, and no – you are not alone. Eclipses reveal. I have a feeling this eclipse will pull the curtain on the tradition of people in your ancestry that struggle with your long standing pain. I think this will also reveal, not only how many people are also struggling with the wounds you have, but how you can help them – or better yet, forgive them.

Hurt people, hurt people. I absolutely see a possibility of you getting frustrated at other people for the qualities of unhealed hurt you have in yourself – more so now than usual. I also see a possibility to try to help people who don’t want or need your help. Don’t stir up bad blood to work out your problems my friend. If you pay attention to this and take your time (Mercury, dude) I think there can be a new way of relating to other people that not only dissolves some of that bone hard scar tissue on your heart but makes you look super cute.

This is just a passage to healing and this is only one of many. This is not the last chance or only chance but it is an important one none the less.

There are a lot of ways to get closure, to take back the parts of yourself that were taken away. There are also a lot of ways to stay fractured, broken, and still be okay. The times when you were most happy are still within you. The conditions may have changed but that was you, and you still have yourself. You are the best person to decide when it is time (if ever) to process your trauma and how.

Remember, Mercury is still in retrograde. Processing can be precarious. Take your time. This energy will be with us from anywhere from two weeks to six months depending on your chart. Lord knows the pain isn’t going anywhere. Take breaks. Put some sugar in your bowl.