New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo

Hope and Reality


How come when you ask someone what their hopes and dreams are they respond asking, “Realistically?”. This astrology is all about how real hope can be. Welcome to Virgo season.

Facing reality doesn’t have to be painful. You can face the beauty of yourself. Understand that you are NOT actually alone. Realize you can be happy once you take responsibility for your own happiness (at least most of the time).

I see a potential for options opening up. To try things over again. Mercury retrograde will help this. Yes, I said HELP. But it’s not going to be easy. With Jupiter (hope) in the sky meeting up with Mercury there is an opening for foreclosed belief in one’s self and long term goals. Venus is going home to Libra which exalts the the love of ideas and poetic justice. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Don’t be brand new about it.  You know that you have what it takes to achieve your goals. You know that it isn’t all your fault that shit got fucked up. You see the systems that bind.You also know that you could have done better, worked harder, or even just kept going. Guess what? Mercury retrograde is taking us back a few steps, slowin our roll, and giving us some space to understand all those angles. Details, Virgo says, with the hard facts – determine your own path. Venus in Libra then says, do yourself justice babe, and live it

This can mean coming to terms with some serious harm. This can even mean understanding the harm you have done to others. You are who you are. Some people love you for it, some people hate you for it, but do you love yourself for it? Do you hate yourself for it? What is your opinion? Whether you think you’re a sack of shit or a perfect angel ask yourself, how are you living up to it?

At it’s worst, this astrology can drive very sensitive ‘enlightened’ people deeper into denial. This is the blame game, projection city, and the stronger we hold on to illusions of ‘woe is me’ and ‘nothing will ever change’. The more we think we know, the harder we cling to old beliefs and the more invested we can become in these outcomes. But what happens when you have to confront an opportunity to reclaim a forgotten hope. I’m definitely not saying become a pollyanna. I’m not even trying to convince you to be more positive. I’m saying, you gotta be realistic. You already know what’s up but just because things didn’t work out last time, doesn’t mean they can’t ever again.

If you feel like you’ve lost something valuable about yourself, a tool that is necessary to do what you need to do, go back to that moment where you lost it. Look at that moment again. USE that moment to get it back. Do yourself justice. Do it with love. Do it in harmony with what you want in life. All these are highest vibrations of beauty and you are exquisite.



Mercury Retrograde Bonus:

This is a good time to listen to what others think of you with a measure of cold reflection. Instead of taking it to heart figure out what is it, exactly, that gets under your skin when your opinion of yourself and the opinion of those around you don’t match up? How do these miscommunications and misunderstandings actually affirm who you really are? You KNOW when someone has you pegged. You know when someone is projecting their shit on to you. Instead of taking someone else’s opinion to heart, take these ruffled feathers and irritation to heart as a sign that you know who you are or you need to come to terms with something you’ve been made aware of. Don’t react, respond. Choose your words in alignment with that self awareness.


*Featured Image is Birth for a Web by Eva Švankmajerová. She was a Czech surrealist painter, ceramicist, and poet who also worked as a costume, set, and visual designer for film in the 1970s.