Full Moon in Aquarius

Strength and Guidance


I am always looking out for success stories. I think my favorite thing about them is the fact that many of them come out of failures. I mean, Oprah was fired from a tv news station before (or because) she became Oprah. The greatest stories I’ve heard have talked about moments, which in reality could have been months or even years of deliberation, when someone makes the decision to respect themselves over a society that tells them they’re not worth respecting. To me, this is the greatest risk we have to take. Sometimes a risk isn’t something we take. Sometimes a risk is something we make. This moon is about the process that is required to get to that moment.

These moments of clarity and bravery come more than once a year and it doesn’t always have to come when the full moon lunar eclipse is in Aquarius – but it sure doesn’t hurt our chances. This spectacular moon has three major helpers in the ways of turning our lives towards the practical and unpredictable parts of the work we set out to do in the world.

The moon in Aquarius can be a little nervous. The bright light of the sun, even just reflected by the moon, is still a lot for a sign that desires so much freedom. When I think of the moon in Aquarius I think of the incredible pressure of the very important question “What do you have to offer?”. In response to this I’d like to ask you, what temple do you worship at? Where is it? What do it serve? Go to that sacred place at least once in the next two weeks. Make a deal with your makers. Find your own words but be sure that it’s essence is rooted in self respect, cooperation, and service. Do not hide these gifts from the world. Do not spit in the mother’s face.

The bright light of the full moon is shining on that which brings you most freedom and that which frees those around you. In order to succeed, you need networks of people who want that for you and support your vision. A good exercise is to look at what is coming up for you right now, especially conflicts about autonomy, intellectual expression, and collaboration, and visualize RESULTS. If things keep going the way they are, what will happen? What skills do you need? What tools? Location? Connections? If something needs to change, change it now. The moon’s sextile in Uranus can bring some unexpected events that may appear to be divine interventions in these conflicts. Venus in Virgo training Pluto can also be very helpful with this process. Venus will suss out things you’ve been on the fence about and the trine to Pluto can send a powerful understanding of all the reasons why you should or shouldn’t be apart of something. I see this as generally uplifting but in the case that you are wracked with guilt or shame about an interest or attraction, well… you know the old saying. If you love something let it go. Don’t keep something around just to blame it for your unhappiness.

For some of you this talk about service can feel very treacherous. Why serve a society that doesn’t serve you? I hear you and after I take a step back from my own feelings about this I want to say that the parts of us that we fear will never be accepted by society are the parts that save us from an unjust society. Think of service with a sober mind. Set these fears in front of you and look at them as if they could stare back into your eyes. See them for what they are. Bait. It is bait for a myth that if we give what we do to the world we won’t have enough left for ourselves. I want to believe that under the aquarius full moon showing the world our gifts brings back more that we had before. I don’t know who or what is casting a line in your life but you get to choose whether or not you take that bait. Whether you’ve invested your life into those fears – hook, line, and sinker or old fears are arising around emotional independence, you can make a choice today. Or tomorrow. Or in a few weeks. Whatever. The point is, to be a part of anything we must be the whole of ourselves.


Show gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given by sharing them with the world.