Capricorn Full Moon

Releasing Tension

This moon I want to keep things on a practical level. I want to tell you to watch out for your rage, your humiliation, to not take things so personally. I want you to guide yourself, like a hurt and angry child, to safety. I want you to listen to yourself, get the information behind the pain, and wait. You energy can be scattered right now. Your resources depleted. Acting out now can leave you with more anger and exhaustion. But  I can’t just say that. I can’t just tell you to “take care” and wait it out. I have a feeling you’re already doing that the best you can. So I’m going to go a little outside my comfort zone and talk about how we can keep doing that with the wild stars we have now.

Looking at the news, our communities, families, and friends we can see the direct impact of hate and systemic violence. We gather our strength to reach out, to speak out, to find other tired arms and voices. We are exhausted with dissapointment. We are exhausted with painstakingly examining and explaining a system that doesn’t work. We are exhausted with only being met with these systems being reinforced. Something needs to change. Not just change but be completely different. Brand new. Not recatagorized, but revolutionary. This full moon touches on an honest place where we understand how the violence and pain in the world can no longer be ignored and we, you, and me must dedicate ourselves to change.

It is very easy to be pessimistic these days. It is totally reasonable to boycott hope and prepare for the worst. It is strange to not be heartbroken, worried, or stressed on a regular basis. It seems that we are slowly moving towards a crisis point, a historical moment of grief, disappointment, confusion and rage. We can feel as though those who were supposed to take care of us, those who we entrusted, will fail us or even hurt us. We can feel as though things are beyond accountability. We are moments before a break up, counting our money, looking for a new home, recalibrating our worth, because the world is not accurately reflecting this right now. We need to find a new way of assessing ourselves that are not reflections of those who do not love us, need us, or want us. We need to find new ways to be free. A big part of freedom is release. Crisis is another word for a time to make a decision. Are you going to choose to hold on to old familiar ways or embrace the necessary new?

I think the tension for the Capricorn full moon is absolutely about insecurity. Things are happening so fast there is barely time to emotionally react, let alone assess the situation. We can sometimes react before we get a chance to choose how to act. There are tremendous conversations in the sky happening about resources (material, spiritual, and emotional), discipline, energetic economy, social responsibility, and FREEDOM. When I see these things being put together I can’t help but think about generosity. When things are happening very fast, very intensely, and you are scrambling to catch up, we can always ground ourselves in generosity and gratitude. I hate myself for saying that but I think it’s true especially when we (particularly brown and Black people) are generous and grateful to ourselves.

I will never ever tell you to put away your anger, your sadness, or rage. As I said in my Cancer New Moon lunation, our emotions give us vital information, and we should always hear them out. However, as social beings in this century, we receive a lot of stimulus that provokes a lot of feelings. I want you to feel free and a part of respecting your emotions is understanding and allowing yourself to experience the breadth of perspectives you can have. So, in a time of restless tension, gratitude is still there. In a time where bodies are policed, incarcerated, and scrutinized, we can look outside the terror funhouse of the world and be grateful, for a moment, for ourselves. We can rededicate ourselves to that which is grateful for us. We can shamelessly come out in support of our bodies and bodies like ours. See how we can create new paths, rooted in ancestral wisdom, and invest in long haul dedication to that which reflects our beauty and values the resources we are naturally rich in. Our multiple intelligences, our study and craft, our spiritual manifestations, our big beautiful minds. This moon can bring about an invaluable discernment between what people say we ought to be and the value of us as our natural selves.

My suggestion is to get closer to that self, the “right here right now” you, and ask yourself what is your biggest wish for the world. Then for your community. Then for you. Try not to concern yourself too much with the should and could (or what other’s should or could). Allow yourself to enter the world of dynamic reciprocity where what you put in to the world is a necessary contribution to creating a better world. Imagine it coming back to you seven fold. This is something you must dedicate yourself to. This is where the discipline and rigor comes in. This is where you apply the lessons of your teachers. This is a place of honoring the wisdom of others because you are living the wisdom of you. Again, crisis is a time for decision, so decide to invest in something regenerative and reciprocal for you and the world you live in.