Lunar Babes! I have changed the format of my website and the lunations. I am moving my energy towards my writing and I am transitioning my astrological work into more text and workshop based practice. Also! My lunations will be monthly instead of bi-monthly. Now, without further ado…


Remember who the fuck you are.

Neptune was discovered, not through its observations through a telescope, but through its disruptions in other heavenly bodies. Calculations were made around the gravitational pull of the planet far before its actual visual confirmation which was a very haphazard find from a general scan of the sky. In many ways, Neptune functions similarly in astrology. Neptune can force us to go inward, fogging up the material world, and leaving us with our own speculations and projections. Neptune shows where the cracks in our egos are. It can make us behave in ways that are unfamiliar to us, not because it is outside of our character, but rather it illuminates the difference between how we see ourselves and who we really are.


The full moon at the beginning of the month is conjunct Neptune which can show us where we need to let go of logic and follow intuition or where our hopes and fears are replacing reality. This starts a cycle of receiving information, processing it both internally and externally, and then letting it integrate. Some of the things we find can be disturbing and with a conjunction with mercury and venus happening, anxiety can freeze the whole process. Lucky for us it is forming a square with Mars in Sagittarius which means there is no room for cowardice. The opening question the cosmos has for you in March is “How will I remain fiercely open to new ways of thinking and new ways of seeing myself?”


Integration of ego and reality is never easy but it is important to always be reaching towards the truth. It requires radical self love and self forgiveness This also means cultivating the spiritual strength to perform powerful rituals of love and forgiveness for yourself and others. Accept mortality, accept sexuality, accept the fact that there is no time to waste on this Earth for narrow self-interest, indulgence, or depreciation. Death and sexuality provide context for our behavior in life. When we lose sight of it we feel the pressure of purpose in our life but forget where it’s coming from. We carry this anxiety of needing something to carry us through the days and try to find it through lovers, drugs, and fake spiritual pursuits. This is another shadow side of Neptune.  


Jupiter is in positive conversation with the new moon in Virgo, helping assuage the worry and self absorption of fear, allowing us renew our dedication to the work of self worth. Ritual is routine, routine is ritual.


Finally, one last bone shaker of a moon asking us, pleading with us, maybe even forcing us to TRUST ourselves. Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd and stands in defiant opposition of the full moon in Libra. You will receive no perfumed love note, no secret admiring letter from your instincts, not even a passive aggressive roommate note. In this night, mercury confuses, confounds, and contradicts, an already indecisive Libra moon. This hot prod of miscommunication, shitty interactions, and projection after transmutating projection requires creative new rituals around self purification. You may feel the need to lock yourself in your home and self medicate until the month passes but this can be a little dangerous when the message of self worth is so clear. The only way is through. Courage, lunar babes. Worry comes and goes. Rejection happens. Dysfunctional patterns can be corrected and toxic modeled behavior can be relearned. Saturn is making an exact conjunction with Mars telling me that conscious transmutation of our anger and fear can bring incredible clarity of purpose and the drive to get us through.


We need emotional resourcefulness. What will help you feel more faith in life? In yourself? What do you have to be grateful for? I’m not talking about what is redeemable. Jupiter in retrograde is unironically asking us to move forward — to think beyond the times we live in. What of our enemy knows the truth? What about this truth can we trust? Think about this privately and independently. There is tremendous evidence that the world is dysfunctional toxic oppressive mess. We need to lay a firm grip on our drive and purpose. This starts with ritual, love, and conscious expression.

New Moon In Sagittarius

Planning for Change

Some folks will tell you that the New Moon in Sagittarius is going to be about new ideas, philosophies, and grand schemes. They’ll say take time to recenter optimism in your vision quests. to imbue your future plans with hope. I don’t know about all that but I do know that when something is as close to Saturn as this New Moon is, nothing is ever as simple or as easy as it seems. I think this moon is asking us to do something really weird right now but maybe you’re in a place where it makes perfect sense.

Have you ever been in an argument or a fight with someone you love and deep into the thick of it, you paused, and started laughing at the absurdity of it all? or maybe you’re the type to have a moment of perspective, and soften against the harsh edges conflict. Or maybe you get a chance to return to your body during a break and your whole position changes. Often in these moments of pause or relief we find better strategies for working out conflicts. Sometimes we choose to go with those options and sometimes we double up on our doubts and push through.

I think this moon is like those moments. Our adrenaline drops, we catch our breath, and we see the world differently. We may have entered the arena really knowing what we were fighting for and how we were going to win but sometimes you don’t know what to expect until it actually happens.

It’s hard to describe this alchemical moment of being fiercely engaged – whether it be working yourself to a point of constant sickness, being wildly in denial about a relationship gone bad, or resisting someone else’s demands on your future  – and having to dramatically shift perspective. This is a good thing. In this “eye of the storm” we are offered the option of personal responsibility. We own ourselves and many of us are fortunate to also own our body, our life, our present and future. Taking responsibility for ourselves is taking ownership, claiming our time, our heart, our head.

The New Moon, Saturn, Venus, and Mercury (who is still retrograde) are all gathered together in this dark winter night. Saturn has a very special way of laying just the right amount of pressure for you to build up the strength necessary for what is in store for you next. We either rise to the occasion or get crushed. Venus, on the other side of the New Moon, is social, interpersonal vibrations, and that special thing we call chemistry that brings us together and inspires loyalty for one another. This is why I brought up the fight scene earlier. Now, I don’t know if you are brawlin, bawlin, or just avoiding people altogether right now but I’ll tell you what, you are still in relationship with yourself and those voices in your head are not going to stop arguing by themselves.

Mercury is retrograde, which means hella shit, but right now it’s about not only getting your story straight – but knowing that stories are flexible. For example, you all know someone that, believed their ex was the love supreme but after the break up they retroactively went back and told a completely different story. What if I told you both those narratives they told were true? To realize the difference between then and now isn’t exactly rewriting history, right? It’s experiencing the outcome of change, and change changes you. This is highlighted by Uranus in Aries forming a silky aspect to all those planets I just mentioned and introducing disruption, unforeseen consequences, and ultimately… change.

So you may be asking, OK Diego, so what can I do if I need to get my story straight but everything changes all the time? What is this story anyway? Your story is your life and how you tell it. Our personal narratives are guided by our feelings, choices and circumstances. We cannot change the past and we cannot always change our circumstances so in efforts to claim our narrative we can and center the questions of what we think is a worthy purpose and how can we realize it moving forward. For some folks it’s getting food on the table and recovering from a recent trauma. For others, dreams of the destruction of the carceral system. For many it’s both.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been finding life and purpose under oppression. It’s focusing power has made our pleasure intentional and made our work need meaning. The New Moon is escorting Saturn out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn and is creating a significant opportunity to access the wisdom of change, potential, and planning through deliberate and even meditative audacity. Change is inevitable. Think of the world thirty, or even twenty years ago. Who knew that this would be the world we would be living in? Who hoped for it? Who planned for it?  Take a quiet moment outside tangling obligations and conflicts of the day, drink some water, and let your adrenaline drop. What seeds are you planting for tomorrow? Are you asking for change to accommodate your fear? Survival is real and this is a priority especially for marginalized people. You deserve to live without fear of violence. When you’ve answered that, if you can, ask again but differently, What will you change to accommodate your life?



*** Art By Inés Ixierda, queer, disabled Bolivian bruja. Check out their etsy shop here.

Gemini Full Moon.

Lies I Have Known

Old lies can be quick to reveal but take time to unravel and process. A full moon is full exposure, it is the brightest most unpredictable night in the lunar cycle. When something completely absurd, terrible, or unbelievable is revealed and we don’t know how to process it, sometimes we pretend it’s not there. This full moon we have a choice. Look at the hideous thing in the eye and be willing to make mistakes while confronting it or suffer it’s burden.

The Sun, Moon, and Neptune are squaring off this Sunday which is shaking up our ability to communicate. There is a big truth to tell and there we need the DETAILS, girl.  It may take hundred attempts, an iron clad resilience, and an incredible level of patience to do so. Neptune is like a fog that can obscure truth with muddying logic. The term “gaslighting” is useful to describe what I think Neptune and the moon may be illuminating. It basically means a person repeating lies over and over again until the victim becomes unsure of their own reality in order to dominate and control them. This can also be used by people through systems of oppression to keep the oppressed from reclaiming their power. Sometimes people in positions of privilege within marginalized community (men, non-black poc, ablebodied, etc) perpetuate a culture oppression unconsciously by practicing gaslighting on their own community. We’re seeing a lot of people coming out about abuse of power in the name of justice and it can be overwhelming for many who are still struggling with their own abuse narratives. Sometimes, when we have unresolved abuse histories we can subconsciously (or even consciously) repress stories of others because that is what we’ve conditioned ourselves to do. In this space I ask you to be committed to curiosity and patience over righteousness or fear. It is an incredible and difficult journey to begin the process of accountability.  Saturn (discipline) conjunct Mercury (communication) is highlighting the need for a disciplined mind but it can also create intellectual congestion where we may overdevelop or over-think an idea and experience difficulty expressing it or experience a heightened sensitivity around how it is received. When we are talking about such sensitive topics like survivorhood and abuse I can only assume that mistakes and miscommunications will definitely happen. Oh yeah, and Mercury is retrograde. So… there’s that.

Jupiter in Scorpio is playing the part of relentlessly impassioned exposure of the shadow. It can be hard to tell where you stand amongst all this intense information. My suggestion is to start by witnessing and validating. Validate the stories of the survivors, the people you trust, validate the feelings coming up for you. Remember, just people information is coming up rapidly, does not mean you have to respond to everything at the speed it arises. In fact, if you don’t know what to do with the information just yet, be still and wait for your intuition to come through. The gift in the conversation between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces is a chance for us to clearly understand and develop the integrity of how we manage conflict and accountability. It is important to open up to tension and hold our personal boundaries as well as being responsible for our feelings and actions.

Speaking of boundaries… Neptune is a dissolver boundaries between all things and in Pisces (it’s corresponding sign) it gives us a double dose of both boundary melting and desire for disassociation. This will be a LONG transit (until 2025) but the importance of it this week is its square to the Full Moon (a point of unresolvable tension) and trine to Jupiter (an open channel). Some of us may choose to go along with this dissociative and passive energy and it may be the safest thing for you to do. Mental health is a precarious thing and sometimes shit is too triggering to stay present for AND I encourage those of you who have the resources to stay present and grounded to do so to the best of your ability.

I also want to say, Neptune in Pisces has an intense shadow side of addiction, greed, and disassociation, but there is an incredible potential for spiritual revolution. I’m not talking about hot yoga and cold pressed juices. I’m talking about a spiritual evolution that will ready our spirits for a long overdue change. I’m talking about ancestral and descendant healing on an non-linear level. I’m talking about reclaiming indigenous lands, languages, and lives and the unsettling of settler nations. I’m talking about the fall of prisons and the end of the economic, environmental, social, and systemic war on black people. The death throes of gender based violence. Power taken back by the marginalized people of the world. One of many things these depend on is the ability to find yourself within these the incredible and terrible truths and to stay present with each emerging voice.

Art by Eileen Agar

“Not everything that is faced can be changed but nothing can be changed until it is faced”  James Baldwin


Aquarius New Moon


We’ve entered a place in time where, for many reasons, we can not allow to persist. What I hope to get to in this brief lunation is the location of our discomfort and where the lark of creative strategy may sing. The water we bear is not the world but what is in us that is of the world. We can not bear it all. It is not your fault and it isn’t mine. It is a responsibility. The responsibility to make imprecise attempts at describing real things. Things we all believe to be real.

To me, art is the closest attempt at finding this real thing, this reality. Art gathers all of our faculties, whether creating or witnessing, and compels us to connect, to study, and even to reveal something we’ve never known. It can connect us to that loose thread of truth. It is a powerful attempt to convey or understand a message that one couldn’t possibly say or hear without art’s powerful presence. Venus elicits these urges to put forth your lonesome experience and to connect with another alienated body. Not so that they may be understood, but so that misunderstanding can be seen and recognized as strange or familiar. So they (the art, witness, and creator) can be simultaneously marvelous and uncertain and real. Venus in Pisces tells me we could do this together. Collective creativity is possible. Faced with so many different and urgent dangers we need to be as creative as possible.

Freedom is another imprecise word. Many have never experienced this thing, freedom, so the existence of it is dubius. It is a feeling, a location, a thing to get – the struggle for which is universal. The aquarius new moon is here, I believe, to help us bear the unsettling burden of just how far we are from safety and how it may bring us closer to understanding this word, freedom.  

Freedom in the United States is often associated with the frontier, a new expanse of space, uncharted, rugged, and alone. As we know now in this 21st century, that ‘frontier’ was already occupied, so then, a frontier (and possibly the western idea of freedom) becomes a colonial, conquering thing. With this as our heritage in the western world it is important to frame freedom in a way that is not at any one person’s expense. So, in asking what will we do, we also should ask, what will we never ever do. Saturn brings the rules for this game. It’s residence in Sagittarius makes rule number one – dedicate yourself to learning more. Define your discipline around understanding and applying the information you are receiving, whether it be through books, teachers, or mistakes. It is wildly important, in creating solutions for oppressive systems, to try our very best to not replicate or invest in the very thing we are trying to fight.

The square of Saturn and Venus is an irreconcilable conflict. To make art often requires a disregard of the rules. Creativity cannot live confined to old ways. Yet Saturn makes us aware of the problem of unyielding ignorance. The best advice I can offer here is to know that in both circumstances, in both study and creation, there is a point where you must let it go. For art, for homes, and our children, for time, and money, it is only useful when we can let it go. None of it is only ours. It is a risk, bringing anything into the day and night of existence, and at some point we are all called to do so, and when you do choose to take up your vocation, you must bring it to the world in all of its brutality and wisdom. Maybe in this connection of the art, the witness, the maker, regardless of whether or not it is actually collaborative or fair or nice, we can experience a small moment of finding a part of ourselves that may be in fact a part of who we all are.

Cancer Full Moon

There is an old saying, you can not fill anyone else’s cup until yours is full.

Picture with me, a cup in your hands, picture it’s size, it’s shape, it’s color and texture. This is the vessel that holds the fulfillment of your emotional needs. Any ounce of water, tea, coffee, whatever that is in your cup belongs to YOU. Anything that spills over belongs to someone else.

If you give anything from what is inside your cup, before it is full, you make those people out to be thieves.

The first full moon of the year is important. This is a time of accounting and making our own value system which is important in a time where a day in the world seems more like an episode of the twilight zone.

This moon is one about protection and devotion. It is conjunct with the brightly burning Vesta. Whether it be devotion to an identity, protection of privacy, or your world view, there is some need to draw a line in the sand. The buck stops where the sacred and profane begin.

I used the cup visualization to create a frame that helps us keep in mind what we have control over and what we do not. Our bodies, our minds, and our emotional well being are the priorities that are paramount in this world. Each of our needs look different and all of us require communities and social services to keep these things healthy. Fill your cup first.

Still, under this moon people who have been socialized as caregivers can falter when it comes to being self sacrificial – wanting everyone to have a good time or fighting for a good cause, with no regard to what they actually are wanting. These people don’t feel their needs to be strong enough to be it’s own cause.

The moon asks you to center you and your needs as sacred worship to the temple your ancestors built for you. They also ask you to understand that systems of oppression are made to convince society that the disorder of oppression is order. Please remember this.

Another side to this is people coming out of the woodwork for causes that are more systemic than the surface problems that they are reacting to. People who are experiencing scarcity, instability, and fear who are not accustomed to it in their daily lives may be prone to throwing themselves into efforts to regain control over their circumstances.

There can be a lack of analysis or critical discernment when it comes to activism due to very inflammatory information.  Coming across as austere or holier than thou is not a good look right now.A lot of people have been suffering for a very long time, a lot of people have been fighting, now is no different to them than any other. Let all that spills over go to those who have none.

I said the moon is, in part, about devotion. A good part of devotion is study. If your being called to action, whether it is self work, political work, or creative work, chances are a great deal of emotion is being pushed through this work. Pairing this with diligent study creates a sustainable practice and greater articulates the purpose of the work. Sink yourself into it, become steadfast in the work. If your work reckons with the injustice in the world , your art, your activism, your hoeing and cruising is sacred work.  May your waters always be flowing and your fire stay lit.

If you need to fall into a hole of letter writing and political campaigning to assuage your fear, by all means. If you need to roll into the street and break some glass and burn some trash, get it goin.  It does not mean that the world must follow. It does not mean that anyone who doesn’t do what you do is a part of the opposition. It just shows where your priorities are and how you must meet them. Again, fill your cup girl.

If you BEEN workin the dystopia, pay no mind to the brand new artists or activists popping up trying your patience. The moon and Vesta encourages you to bein your dwellings, nest up, rest up, an rejuvenate yourself babe. Hold fast to the boundaries and take thy self to the temple, spa, and hot tub, and thaw them bones.


As always, receive care, take this moon in, take no shit, and suffer no fools. Don’t be pushed into doing things that aren’t apart of taking care of yourself. Build these protections around your communities and those that are most affected by the horror that threatens you.



kx’i’m, k’a’min  —
(my) our storage basket, (our) my body

12 x 12 inches

by Genius Artist and PhD Scholar, Sarah Biscarra Dilley,  whose work explores the spaces between the worlds; between blood sickness and bloodlines, between grief and joy, between body and land. Visit her work at:


*** Side note:

+A dad holding  shotgun to his daughter’s date is NOT protection. It is ownership. It is patriarchal. When I say protect those most affected I mean prioritize their voices in your work. Believe them, hold their truth as your own, and fight as long and often as they do.

+We can protect and preserve what is ours through many ways but one thing is for sure, it won’t be done through coercion, bullying, or false prophesying.


New Moon In Capricorn

Show Up


There are a lot of unknowns out there in the world right now. The clarity in chaos is an understanding of what we stand to lose. Some of us have lost a lot this year. Some of us have a lot to lose.


The question that arises is “What will we consciously risk to gain ourselves?” And even more “What is this “self” we should risk everything for?”


To survive the worst the world has to offer we it’s a good idea to be rooted in our original gifts and talents. This is where we find our personal power and Capricorn is all about harnessing our personal power. Some confusion may arise around our actual goals and needs. Some of us are conditioned to be self sacrificial, to care for others before ourselves. In a time where we need to be 100 percent on our healing game, these caregivers, however natural or unnatural the tendency is, can burn the fuck out.


Ambitious Capricorn and free wheeling Mercury in retrograde offer us a time to deeply consider how we talk to each other, how people talk to us, and our communion with the earth. New moon in Capricorn wants us to clear the ground so we have something to build on and draw up the blueprints so we can stay on track. Having this conjunct a Mercury retrograde can initially be confusing, but at it’s best we can find areas where we are sure of things and other areas where we aren’t. Once we’ve identified those areas we can focus on our strengths and build from there. Keep these strengths in mind in your daily conversation. Watch who speaks to them and those who do not. Take note.


This  can be an important time for solitude, which isn’t to say to be alone or lonely, but rather to have time to yourself and make sure you seek out your own approval before anyone else’s. That way, regardless of what feelings arise, your actions can reflect your intentions. This way we can honor our feelings and live up to our responsibilities at the same time. While in your solitude study a master in a field you are interested in. Find out not only what they do, but how they do it, who they do it with, and their struggles to reach their goals. Become intimate with this process.


The new year comes a little early with this new moon as it calls for  time of review, purging, and planning. Saturn (structure) will be in harmony with Uranus (innovation) beginning this month. This gives us an important boost in not only clearing out what is unnecessary but also energy to make positive changes in your life. This starts 2017 with new found responsibility towards yourself and those you are in community with.

Full Moon in Gemini


“Your silence will not protect you.”

Audre Lorde



    Gemini keeps it light. Not light like sunshine and rainbows, but light like a reporter in war time. Detached but engaged, with but not of, understanding, gathering, unraveling. It is a daunting task, to witness everything. All of it. The whole world, every being, every interaction, every idea, theory, and thought. Even with two heads and four eyes, the Gemini struggles with this impossible task. So what keeps the Gemini going? Curiosity. Insatiable curiosity. It is just as vital to the twins as talking. They talk as naturally as molecules bond, as breath breathes, and hearts beat.

    With all these skills comes a shadow that gained Gemini a reputation that sticks. Gemini’s job is to observe, collect, and reflect. Within this process there is little room for judgement. In it’s highest form, the Gemini is a mirror, sharing the information as accurately and interestingly as possible.  This can be stone cold – especially when one is forced to confront a hard truth that may not correspond with their beliefs. It seems almost criminal to bore this air sign, let alone bring them down. Gemini, whose magic is working words, can and will help us construct the facts in a way that portrays a truth to their liking, never confronting what is standing in front of them.

    Gemini is a sign that also rules neighbors. In this time I think it is important to remember that collectively held beliefs are powerful. While Gemini is here to gather information, it isn’t here to make meaning or beliefs out of it. When meaning is applied to collectively shared information it takes on an entirely different role. I can see this time to be one of inquiry about the difference between truth and fact. I can see people shoring up their beliefs with assertions of “fact” deeming all other experiences as invalid out of fear of their own experience being invalidated. White supremacy, sexism, ableism, and nationalism all bank on a collective “truth” based on “facts” rooted in systems of oppression.

    Truth can be the coupling of human intelligence and the cold hard facts of the world. I know that truth cannot exist without either. I also know that the pursuit of the Gemini’s path is Sisyphean in the sense that gather all of the world’s facts are impossible. We must make our truth with what is in front of us – with what we are able to gather, and our personal intelligence as constantly incomplete things. What do you know? What do you see? And finally, how do you feel? The significance with the moon here is a fierce protection of one’s feelings by constructing a truth around it. This can be radical. This can be destructive. It can be both.

    “Speaking truth to power”, a term coined by civil rights leader Bayard Rustin, is something that is very important in this time in history. When we feel/are crazy for wanting to be treated with respect, to have a chance to live and thrive, to be safe in our homes and in the world, we must speak out against the forces and people that keep these rights from being actualities.

    The question that remains is who or what to we speak to? To what power is responsibility for our suffering?

    For answers we can look to the trine with Mars and Jupiter. Mars is the action and Jupiter is the bigger picture. We need them both so bad right now. Mars in Aquarius is intelligently assertive which works beautifully with Gemini (any Outkast fans out there know this). Jupiter in Libra can bring about a larger order through cooperation, encouragement, and art. The shadows of each are Mars’ expression of Aquarius’ rebellion thwarting the potential of significant achievements and Jupiter’s magnification on Libra’s indecisiveness. We can find ourselves searching for all clues around a conflict and never landing on a decision or stance. We can see something as clearly wrong but not confront it because it’s too obvious and it will take care of itself. I definitely think a time to make a concerted effort has come. I think it comes with a discovery of subjective vision where it was once unshakable truth. We may use Libra’s balance to understand many sides to truth, we may use Aquarius to sharpen our unique understanding of it. We use the moon as our guide and receive nurturance through this exploration of facts and fictions. We can find the truth to speak to that power in a truth that allows for people to each have their own experience of things. A truth that leaves room for taking in new information and has room for dissent.

    While the twins are known for their gift of gab the full moon is a time of reception. You probably know what you have to say. It’s probably the right thing to say. But now is the time to ask questions. To listen. To engage the curiosity and satisfy it with simply asking your questions. In a great conversation the role of speaking is only important to be able  listen more. Do not be silent. Never be silent. But don’t stop listening either.

    Take in the data of your life and do some accounting. What facts do you construct to tell your truth? Are you building your truth because it is being actively erased by community, society and state? Or are you building it because it is convenient defense for you ego? How can we create collective truths, powerful truth with our neighbors that reach towards liberation and freedom? How can we commit to curiosity in the face of dogma?

    Saturn square Chiron is known to spur some childhood wounds and open us up to an incredible opportunity for spiritual development. You have an opportunity to see and experience more than you imagine.

    We close this year with death and destruction. As creatures on this planet, we were born, live, and die with a constant cycle of winters. My heart goes out to all who have lost loved ones, friends, family, and feel like they’re losing themselves. I am so proud of the communities here in Oakland and of the world that organize out of love, grief, and compassion towards each other, the earth, and the right for both to thrive creatively, passionately, and sincerely.