my friend caesar is a poet



i was telling him about my name, how it was chosen and how i’ve been thinking about changing it again.

i wanted the name henry, or otis, henrioso
especially henrioso. 


and then he spoke this poem into my phone.


but i think, if i may be so bold to directly reply to something you had said
(yes he talks to me like this)
i think people say your name with affection
and you probably know this already, right?
that the affection is attached to you.
not your name
and so to say your name
is to utter
and kind of let out
all of the affection someone may or may not have for you



you know.


does have for you

when you hear that affection is what i mean…


um and

i would dare say, that that affection would transfer over


to henry.
or henryoso,
or otis.

names are things that are exhaled from our chest.


and then he asked me what my favorite flower was.